What Makes CPK Unique

California inspired

The California Pizza Authority

When the first BBQ Chicken Pizza was created in our kitchen in 1985, it immediately burned down the barrier between upscale cuisine and comfort food and fired the imagination of every guest who tried it.

Creative Categories

More Than Pizza

Did you know more than 60% of our menu is not pizza? We apply the same California-inspired imagination and creativity to categories such as Salads, Pastas, Main Plates, Soups, Desserts, and many others.

Healthy Ingredients

Commitment to Cali Fresh

There’s an expectation that things are healthier in California. Whether it's conscious sourcing, fresh ingredients made from scratch, or better‑for‑you innovation. California sets the bar. CPK delivers on this every day.

People First

Our CPK Family

We believe in putting people first and providing an environment that encourages our team members to be unique, to pursue their passions, and enables them to make a difference in the success of our business.

Core Values

CPK Culture

We are led by our core values of R.O.C.K.S. and practice these principles without exception as part of the CPK experience. We are a company deeply committed to inclusion, as such we welcome diverse people from all backgrounds and experiences.

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